Overview of the Slot Game Gladiator Legends

These days, it’s not easy to have moments where you feel like a legend at work. Even if we manage a particularly difficult VLOOKUP or do a flawless presentation, how often do we get to take a deep breath after a monumental success in front of a roaring crowd of tens of thousands? It’s unlikely to ever happen, and that’s probably for the best considering how dangerous a job it was to compete in the Colosseum. The thrill of the arena may be experienced without endangering one’s physical well-being by playing games like Gladiator Legends from Hacksaw Gaming.

Hacksaw has made mental conceptualization simpler for gamers who want to think they are warriors on the reels of Gladiator Legends thanks to the game’s outstanding presentation. Since Gladiator Legends has a similar comic book meets real-world style that is distinctly Frank Miller-ish, it wouldn’t be surprising if the developers had been on a 300 binge when building the game. Swords, arrows, ashes, and other battlefield debris surround a 5-reel, 4-row gaming area in the screen’s center. The soundtrack’s ominous tone may sway you to take your battle gear for a spin even if you aren’t quite ready to enter the fray. It’s weighty stuff, and all the justification would-be slot warriors in their living rooms need to don their armor.

Slot gladiators may choose wagers from 10 pence to £/€100 every spin, regardless of whether they’re playing on a tablet, mobile device, or desktop computer. The average return is 96.31 percent, however it’s extremely risky due to Hacksaw’s rating of a perfect 5 for this section of the mathematical model. The next section details these four extra buy choices and how they effect RTP. Similarly, the hit frequency has been measured at 26.71%, with wins accruing when matching symbols land on any of the 10 paylines, with play always beginning on the far left of the display.

Five low-value royals from the 10-A card deck and five bloody weapons make up the pay symbols. Five matching symbols on an active payline will result in a payoff of between 0.5 and 1 times the wager for low pays, and between 5 and 30 times the wager for high pays. Wild symbols depicting roaring lions can appear on any reel and substitute for both regular and bonus symbols. It’s also worth 30 times the wager if five wilds appear on a line.

Slot Game Features in Gladiator Legends

While we can’t say for sure, it’s possible that some professional gladiators specialized in one weapon while others learned to use a wide range of instruments. Hacksaw has used the latter, shotgun method, to pack as many features as possible into Gladiator Legends.

Symbols for Value Scales

Duel Reel (VS) symbols can grow to cover a complete reel, and each of the two multipliers they originally had (representing the two gladiators) is now applied to the entire reel. In the regular game, VS symbols will only grow if they are part of a winning combination. Duel Reels appear in the base game and can be wild with or without a multiplier. The base game’s multipliers vary from 2x to 100x, and when more than one is utilized in a win, they are totaled together.

The Ultimate Arena Champions

Three Arena icons in play activate this extra round, which begins with three spins that are reset whenever a VS sign appears. Once inside, keep an eye on the Reel Multiplier shown above each reel; this multiplier is replaced with the winning one once a VS sign appears. Additionally, Normal Coins and Epic Coins, which are both multiplier symbols, might show up in this round.

The Reel Multiplier is multiplied by the multiplier revealed by normal coins, which ranges from 2x to 10x.

All Reel Multipliers are amplified by a factor of x2 to x10 while Epic Coins are in play. When the game ends, any winnings are multiplied by the total number of Reel Multipliers plus the wager.

The Champions of the Arena bonus features Duel Reels with multipliers ranging from x1 to x1,000, which is worth highlighting.

Release the Kraken

When three Beast symbols appear at once, the Unleash the Beast bonus round begins with three free spins. When a VS symbol appears, free spins begin again, just like in the other bonus. In this case, the Duel Reels feature does not replace the existing Reel Multiplier, but rather adds to the existing one on Reels 1, 2, 4, and 5. Once a VS symbol has shown on each of the first four reels, the third reel, known as the locked Beast Reel, will spin. When activated, Reel 3’s unique Beast Duel multiplier increases the value of the Duel Multipliers on the other reels before adding the combined total to the Reel Multiplier. All Reel Multipliers accumulated throughout the game are multiplied by the wager before payout. Finally, in Unleash the Beast, the central Beast Reel can have a multiplier of x2 to x20, while the outside Duel Reels can have multipliers of x1 to x250.

The Bonuses You Can Buy

There are four possible extra purchases for players to make:

At 10x the bet, you’re guaranteed at least one VS symbol in the round (RTP of 96.45%).

40 times the wager ensures a spin with at least 2 VS symbols (RTP of 96.4%).

Champions of the Arena may be purchased for 100 times the wager (96.43% RTP).

You may buy Unleash the Beast for 400x your wager (96.46 percent RTP).

The Final Say on Gladiator Legends Slots

Hacksaw Gaming has been effectively diversifying away from the types of adorable games for which they are most known. We’re not trying to downplay the quality of their “lighter” slot machines, but we can’t deny that the gamble on a darker theme is paying off handsomely for customers. Some of Hacksaw’s best games are those that delve into the darker side of life, such as Wanted Dead or Alive and The Bowery Boys. However, because to its VS combat and Reel Multiplier collecting elements, Warrior Ways is arguably the slot game Gladiator Legends is most like.

When comparing the two games, Gladiator Legends was definitely the more fun one to play. Hacksaw has done a number on the concept, making for a great setting in which digital fighters may prove themselves. It’s a challenge, to be sure. Features or extra games in Hacksaw may go from frustratingly unfair to heroically fantastic in an instant, and vice versa, which is another trick that Hacksaw pulls off with continuous consistency. This is a hallmark of Gladiator Legends. When a small multiplier replaces a large one during a Reel Multiplier Swap in Champions of the Arena, it might be a bitter pill to take. The pricing difference between the two bonus games is understandable when you consider that the reel multipliers in Unleash the Beast do not change positions during the game. When the tide of battle is on your side, they may reach heights of up to 10,000 times your initial wager.

If proof were needed before, Gladiator Legends provides it, showcasing Hacksaw Gaming’s prodigious design skills. The studio is no stranger to placing players into high-stakes scenarios where they must battle it out for the chance at glory, and they are experts at making Canny the Can, mobile-friendly Candy Crush style slots.






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